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Conservatory interior

A Smiths At Dedham conservatory is a robust and virtually maintenance-free investment which offers real versatility. Dining room, after dinner lounge, music room and play room, combined in one space. As well as adding value to your property, it offers an escape - a place to relax in your garden all year round, whatever the weather's doing outside.

In recent years, major improvements have been made to all components in constructing conservatories. Built correctly, they should now provide a well-ventilated, easily heated extension to one's home. A delightful space to occupy any day of the year. Unfortunately, this is not often the reality. Many conservatories sold simply don't come up to the clients' expectations. The reasons vary - bad design, cheap materials, pressure selling, alternative options not explored, most importantly no regulations applied to insulation or heat loss.

With Smiths At Dedham you have complete peace of mind:

  • We combine quality products and the determination to maintain complete customer satisfaction.
  • We use low energy 'A' rated windows and doors, the latest, low energy solar roofing and full insulation in the base.
  • We build conservatories that suit your exact requirements and compliment your home.
  • All at an affordable price and peace of mind with insurance-backed guarantees.

Please get in touch to find out how we can help realise your dream conservatory.